ASUS Products

ASUS D510MT/ H81/ i5-4460/ 4GB/ 1TB/ DVD-RW/ USB KB + USB Mouse/ No Os/ 18.5"/ Com Port + Parallel/ 3 Years Warranty

100% Solid Capacitors

ASUS commercial Desktop use a high-quality conductive polymer capacitor, which provides durability, improved longevity and enhanced thermal capacity. Capacitors are important in storing power and regulating voltage. Capacitors not made and tested to a high degree will quickly deteriorate rather than last their expected product life.

Tool-less Design

Easy-to-service chassis
design helps maximize uptime,
make upgrades and perform
routine maintenance easily.

Energy saving and Eco friendly

Green Procurement

Oversees a green supply chain management (SRM) system and maintains an online database of green vendors.

Green Design

Designs products that are easy to reuse, recycle, and disassemble, improves product power efficiency, and enforces adherence to hazardous substance guidelines.

Green Manufacturing

Implements greener manufacturing processes which are lead- and halogen-free.

Green Service & Certificates

Galvanizes support for recycling programs and ensures that charitable organizations benefit from these initiatives.

In search of excellence on quality

Design to meet commercial customer’s needs

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