1U High Thermal Performance Server Chassis. Featuring flexible fan configuration, smart fan control and high working temperature make it ideal for data center application.


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Agile - Case Rackmount 1U with single power supply 300 watt PFC (12" x 9.6" MB size)
Smallest 1U Size with depth only 38cm

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* Above price hasn't include: Sliding rail & riser card. 1U inc: 1pc Heatsink, 2U & 4U inc: 1pc hdd bracket.

ARMC1L2 (1U)

Agile - Case Rackmount 1U with Active PFC (12" x 13" MB size)

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Agile - Case Rackmount 1U with Active PFC include 4 Harddisk drive Hot Swap tray
( 12" x 13" MB Size )

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Agile - Case Rackmount 2U for entry level with economic price. ( 12" x 10.5" MB size )
Small size of 2U with depth only 53cm

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ARMC2F2 (2U)

Agile - Case Rackmount 2U Standard (12"x13" MB size). ARMC-2F2 chassis is designed with flexibility in mind. Four 5.25” bays allows user to install from

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ARMC3F2 (3U)

Agile - Case Rackmount 3U with Single and Redundant Power Supply, 6 x 5,25 Drive Bay (12"x13" MB)

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ARMC4S2 (4U)

Agile - Case Rackmount Standard 4U Pasive PFC (12"x13" or 12"x9,6" MB) with 10x5,25" Drive Bay. ARMC4S2 is the most basic rackmount chassis which show the most resemblance to a desktop

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ARMC4F2 (4U)

Agile - Case Rackmount 4U with single and redundant power supply (12"x13" MB).

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ACBH 01 (3 Bay)

Agile - ACBH 01. High End Server Cases


  • Single & Redundant Power Supply
  • Smart screw for 5.25 CD-ROM installation
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