ARS 3010L

Agile - Storage Box For DVR(Fit with 4 IDE HDD)

Product Detail

ARS-3010L DVR Disk Box is an external data storage device, which meets the demand of large file system produced by Digital Video Recording (DVR) / Digital Audio Recording (DAR) / Media Streaming. In addition, with ACARDÂ’s leading SCSI-to-IDE technology, Disk Box converts IDE hard drives to SCSI and achieves better performance and cost effective as well.

  • High capacity data storage with space for 4 hard disk drives
  • 48-bit LBA Supports Big Drives Technology (exceeding 137 GB HDD)
  • High scalability up to 15 sets of ARS-3010L (with 40MB/s transfer rate)
  • Maximum capacity reaches 24 TB by installing 60 400 GB hard drives
  • High scalability up to 8 sets of ARS-3010L (with 160MB/s transfer rate)
  • Maximum capacity reaches 12.8 TB by installing 32 400 GB hard drives
  • Built-in ACARD RISC micro controller core improves chip performance
  • On-board Flash ROM easy for firmware upgrade
  • Cost-effective and high performance
  • 1U rack mount of 44(H) x 483(W) x 400(D)mm
  • Supports UDMA mode with data transfer rate up to 133 MB/sec
  • Supports Ultra160 LVD SCSI target features with
  • transfer rate up to 160 MB/sec
  • Supports Ultra ATA 133/100/66/33 HDD
  • 2 independent channels of IDE busv
  • JBOD / Normal Mode function selection by dip switch Selectable SCSI ID sets from 0 to 15
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ARS 3010L

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